Four Flowers

I love women panels. I recently went to a panel at NYU called “Women On The Rise”. It was definitely a blessing to be able to witness four lovely successful women (Elyse Fox, Anajah Hamilton, Fran Medina, Jewel Cadet) with four different stories and four different influential entrepreneurial paths, spreading light to other women. They shared their personal struggles and how they overcame them which painted a clear picture of what image they set their minds to be as individuals and how they chose to continue to uplift themselves and pursue forward anyway.  It was a night fulfilled with words of wisdom, laughter, celebration and enlightenment. 

Although there were so many informative highlights throughout the evening, these stood out to me as “wow” factors:

“Be kind to yourself. Keep going. Be so kind to yourself that you treat it like an illness.”

“Sometimes “no” is the seed placed in the ground to allow you to bloom.”

Whether it’s during your creative journey, journey of self discovery or on this every day journey that we call life, always remember to stay focused and never forget your purpose. BLOOM.


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