The Collection

The Amme Collection is a New York based brand officially launched in 2011 by Shante. As a young child, she enjoyed arts and crafts and creating in any way possible (one project always inspired another project).

The Amme Collection was named in loving memory of her grandmother Emma who always reminded her that talents are gifts from God and that talents should never go to waste. "Amme" is the backwards spelling of Emma.

The line originally formed as an accessory line consisting of earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, rings and bracelets; eventually branching out to clothing. The garments were specifically constructed for fashion photoshoot collaborations.

A sewing course at F.I.T. inspired Shante to further her passion for fashion design. She invested in an industrial Juki sewing machine and the creative journey began...



The Amme Collection embraces the essence of being unique and all individuals who are not afraid to stand out in a classy manner with a edgy touch.

The garments are intentionally constructed to be unique in some shape or form either by the style of the fabric used or through detailing. The collection consists of edgy garments while still maintaining a touch of femininity.


"To be unique is to be beyond the present...futuristic."